Battle of Olympus: Greek Mythology Meets Fighting Games

Battle of Olympus: Greek Mythology Meets Fighting Games
Battle of Olympus

Battle of Olympus is a new fighting game that has caught my attention recently.

It features low poly graphics, easy-to-pick-up gameplay, and a unique Greek mythology theme. Let’s see if Battle of Olympus can stand out from other fighting games.

Deep dive into the game mechanics

One feature that really stands out for Battle of Olympus is its intuitive controls. The game features a simple four-button setup that keeps the complexity low. This makes it easy for players to understand. The demo released features four normal and a few special attacks, a dash, and an ultimate ability.

Basic controls of Battle of Olympus

You could say the gameplay feels like 2D Tekken. It has launcher moves to juggle opponents in the air. This makes the game easier for players to pick up and play as there may not need any memorization of long combos.

Launcher attack

The game's unique character roster is another highlight. Each of the six characters is based on a deity from the Greek pantheon. The character designs are based on Greek mythology with a mix of cyberpunk themes. The demo release only features six characters. However, it is expected that weapon equipment will come into play to give more customization to the game.

six characters to be available as an option

Dashing feels like a crucial part of the game. It allows players to quickly get in and out of combat. Players can even dash under opponents that are jumping, making it easier to avoid attacks.

Dashing under the jumping opponent

I did however notice that there was no “grab” button in the game. The absence of grab buttons in the game may open up the possibility of us being able to block all attacks. Good players might be able to guess whether the opponent attacks high or low and block accordingly.

Blocking the opponents attack

The game currently only features one special ability, a fireball (or thunderbolt?). It consumes one & a half bars of energy and deals quite a lot of damage. I do hope to see flashier abilities added to the game in the future. Unique abilities for each character will make the game more exciting and provide players with new ways to approach combat.

Throwing a fireball at the opponent

Final Thoughts

Battle of Olympus has the potential to be a fantastic new addition to the fighting game genre. Its intuitive controls, unique character roster, footsie gameplay, and Greek mythology theme set it apart from other fighting games.

Adding more special abilities and a rollback net code for PvP matches would make the game even more exciting. I can't wait to see how Battle of Olympus develops in the future.