Parallel: Beta

Disclosure: This article contains referral links for the sales page links provided. These referral links contain discounts for you. I may be compensated for successful referrals. Parallel is a new trading card game

Gothies: Deckbuilding Card Game

I'm excited to share that I finally received the Gothies deckbuilding card game! I backed it on Kickstarter earlier in 2023. It's been a while since I've funded a Kickstarter project, so it

What The Kart: Alpha Wave #2

One of the things that I really liked about WhatTheKart! is the unique boost mechanic. When you drift, you build up a boost bar. Once the bar is full, you can press the boost trigger to launch your kart forward.

MetaMars: The Prototype

What do you get when you mix Mario Kart with Rocket League? The prototype called Metamars by BoredElonMusk is the answer. It's a great kart racing game with low-gravity physics that makes for some exhilarating races.