FOAD: an Explosive Party Game

FOAD is a new competitive multiplayer game that challenges players to collect the most cash. The highest score from collecting cash gets bragging rights on the leaderboards. Each run is full of explosive action!

Eternal Dragons : The Newest Auto Battler on the Block

Eternal Dragons is broken into a three (3) part trilogy of games. Chapter 1 is an auto-battler, Chapter 2 is a city builder and Chapter 3 is a 4x Strategy game. I was given the opportunity to try out the early access of the auto battler game...

Survive the Dread Arena in Uldor

Uldor is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG being built on Unreal Engine 5 by game developers Max Level Studios. Dread Arena game mode was released as a means to get early feedback on the basic mechanics and controls of the game.