Stella Fantasy: The First Web3 JRPG

Stella Fantasy is a free-to-play anime-style character collectible action RPG. The game has now officially launched on 13th April 2023.

Seraph: In The Darkness

SERAPH: In the Darkness is an Action RPG loot game heavily inspired by Diablo 2 that integrates blockchain. It’s developed by a subsidiary of Actoz Soft (the publisher of Legend of Mir 2 & 3, LaTale, and 1000 Years).

The Machines Arena

The Machines Arena is an upcoming action-packed game, set to take the Top-Down Shooter genre by storm. It’s a game currently being developed by Directive Games, a studio that was established in 2014. The game has been building in incognita since 2020.

Deadrop Snapshot V: The Cold Sector

Snapshot V was a long-awaited reveal for Deadrop fans. Dr. Disrespect treated it as a big milestone in the game’s progress. He even organized a Deadrop Showdown event at Esports Stadium Arlington