Eldarune: Campaign Testnet

Eldarune: Campaign Testnet

Had a chance to try out an adventure RPG called Eldarune.

The game is still in its early pre-Alpha stages. Anything from here on will most likely change based on the tester's feedback. NFTs have yet to be implemented in the gameplay.

It was fun trying the game so early. It felt like the old days when I helped some indie devs find bugs in their game.

The game has already set up a few main characters in its main storyline. We play as Alec the Justiciar. The person that helped kickstart our journey is Elora the blacksmith. In this playtesting, other characters have yet to be introduced.

In the first cutscene, you can notice that the game still uses AI voices to voice out their characters. The monotonous voice felt a bit off. Hopefully, there will be voice actors joining the Dev team later on.

Alec the Justiciar
Elora the Blacksmith

The combat can be described as a typical adventure RPG game. The attack button swings your sword. Defend button holds up your shield. Continue pressing the attack button turns the attack into a combo.

The combat was a bit hard as there was no camera lock to enemies feature added in yet. You could start off hitting the enemies and miss out on the 3rd or 4th swing. This was because you would need to manually face the enemy's direction.

If you were to run away from the enemy, they would start to chase you. The “Aggro” radius of the mob was set as infinite. The mob will chase you from one end of the map to another unless you start jumping into a higher landing. Enemies would stop because they can't jump.

There were a few surprising bugs in the game. Once you defeated the boss, his dead body stays on the ground. It was shocking to see the Boss suddenly rise from the dead when you go near him!

After defeating the Boss, you’re greeted with an obstacle course. It’s a simple course to help familiarize with basic movements and interactions in the game.

Had a chance to try to find shortcuts on the map. There was a rock that you could jump on to take a shortcut that cuts halfway through the obstacle course.

The playtest level ends once you reach a chest. There’s an invisible wall set up there which may be an extension of the level for another playtest stage.

It was fun exploring every inch of the game's features and map. If anyone's interested in testing out the game too, check out the Twitter thread below. There are free NFTs as a tester's reward for those that try by end of Sept.