Exploring Kasumi Dungeons: A Look at the Core Gameplay Loop

Exploring Kasumi Dungeons: A Look at the Core Gameplay Loop
Kasumi Dungeon

Kasumi Dungeons is a fast-paced rogue-like dungeon crawler game in the Treasure DAO and Arbitrum Ecosystem. The players will need to help the main character Haruki escape the labyrinth in Kasumi Dungeons.

Trial Mode Gameplay

The current trial mode released for testers is more of a prototype or a test of the core gameplay loop. It’s only a basic test of the game concept which we’ll be seeing. Changes are expected moving forward based on playtester feedback.

The game’s core gameplay loop is for the players to try to find the exit at each dungeon floor within the time limit provided. At the bottom floor will be a prize waiting for the players that succeed.

Chest at the end of the dungeon
Health potion artifact obtained

As this game is in the rogue-like genre, no save checkpoints are available for players between floors. You start over on the first floor once you die. Players have 60 seconds to find each exit. Spare time unused is not carried forward to the next dungeon floor.

Players move Haruki around with the arrow or WASD keys and punch enemies with the space bar. Artifacts obtained grant temporary powers when consumed. Players can only use two of these per game.

Each dungeon level is different as it is procedurally generated. It would be up to the player’s luck whether the dungeon is short & quick or bigger & easier to get lost in.

Based on my playthrough, the first floor was the longest. It was an abandoned castle theme with green carpets.

First dungeon floor

The second floor was the shortest run. It seemed like we were in the castle sewers. I was lucky that I was generated very close to the exit.

Second dungeon floor

The third floor had a magma theme as if we were in a castle in the volcano itself. This was already the game's last floor for the trial mode. It took me a dozen tries to complete this floor.

Third dungeon floor

Improvement Suggestions

Based on my playthrough, here are the things I would want to change:

#1 Comeback Mechanic Needed

The main problem I already see is that players are not incentivized to try and complete the dungeon if they had gone deep into the wrong end. This is due to players would conclude that there’s not enough time anymore once they reach a dead end. It would be better to start over with a new procedurally generated dungeon.

It would be good if a comeback mechanic gives players more time to find the exit. An example would be more time given by completing tasks within the dungeon like collecting items with the dungeon, etc.

The Player reached a dead end

#2 Fee per Run

It has been stated that the trial mode it costs zero $Magic per run. I would assume this meant that after the trial mode period ends, each run would cost $Magic to play. This would hinder new players from joining as a starting fee is needed even to try out the game.

Kasumi Dungeons would need a free-to-play mode to act as a sales funnel to attract more players to play the game. Having a paywall would directly hurt the game’s onboarding process for new players.

Trial Mode costs zero $Magic

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Rogue-Like Dungeon Crawler felt like an interesting genre to build upon. Can’t wait to see what this game is gonna be like in the future.

Check their social links if you're interested. Kasumi Dungeons is still recruiting testers in waves.