Sunflower Land: The Beta Launch

Sunflower Land: The Beta Launch

Previously a game called Sunflower Farmer, it’s an idle farming game that has risen from the ashes. According to Dappradar, at one time became the top 3 Dapps in Polygon Chain.

However it did not begin as smoothly as it is now….

The game’s save feature was previously by keeping everything on chain in Polygon. This seemed like a smart use of Blockchain tech integrating into games. The game had to be saved or recorded on the Blockchain every time you want to log out from the game. The problem was that this meant every user would perform a lot of on chain transactions within a day.

Not long after that, there was an overload of transactions. Extractors using bots came in large numbers to extract and sell the game’s $SFF token.

As more transactions are made, Polygon gas fees went up to around 800 Gwei which was upwards of $0.50 at the time. This did not just affect the players of the game but also all users of Polygon chain as a whole.

Nothing could have saved this game and thus there was only one thing to do, shut it down.

And so the developers went back to the drawing board and came up with the game now known as Sunflower Land

New and Improved Sunflower Land

Only after a month or so, the new game was released for Beta Testing…

You start off with a small plot of land for farming and buy seeds from the shop using $SFL tokens to start off. The cheapest is the sunflower seeds which take only a minute to grow. There are many other more expensive seeds you can buy which also have a higher duration needed to let it grow. Once the crops have grown, you’d sell them in the shop for $SFL, and the cycle of buying and selling repeats.

At first, the seeds you could buy were only limited to a few. However the longer we play and collect resources, we can start to buy food for the goblins which unlock more types of seeds that we can buy.

As each type of seed has different durations to complete its growth, players can plant the type of seeds based on how long they can sit and play.

  • If you’re playing while watching TV, planting Potato might be a good idea so that you can sell crops every 5 minutes;
  • Only have time to play in between commute to work? plant Cauliflowers which takes 8 hours to grow. Take a few minutes of your time before going to work and after coming back to plant and sell crops; or
  • If you only have time to open the game once a day, plant Radish or Wheat which takes 24 hours to grow

It’s a good idea after being able to grow Wheat, to start planting it as soon as possible. This is because once you have wheat, you can purchase chickens from the Barn and start raising chickens too.

Eggs are produced by the chickens which cant be sold for $SFL but craft to make items instead. There’s also a chance that Mutant chickens are hatched from the eggs produced. They’re a very rare item that a regular chicken has a 1/1000 chance to produce.

After collected a decent amount of $SFL, its a good idea to start collecting other resources such as wood, stone, iron and gold. The specific tools would require to be crafted first before we can start chopping wood or mine ores.

Compared to crops, resources can’t be sold for $SFL. Instead its used to craft other items which can be found in the Goblin Village….

There’s all sorts of boosts, decorations and flags that can be crafted. A great concept for the game is that each of these items have a limited quantity that can be crafted by players.

An example is the Rooster, there’s only a supply cap of 10,000 on the primary market in the game. Once all has been sold out, players can only buy it on the secondary market on Polygon chain such as Opensea. The market price for the Rooster then would be based on the supply and demand of each of these unique items.

Future updates

As of now the game limits to around 150,000 players for the Beta testing period. However, once the gates open for public access, we will be seeing a lot more players in the game and activity on the secondary market.

The current Beta is to test on the Farms. In the future however, players would each get their own land. It’s expected that :

  • Players start on an island and collect resources to build out their island;
  • Each land expanded is a unique NFT with unique resources/layout;
  • Buildings (blacksmith, kitchen etc.) and mechanics unlock as players expand
  • Each piece of land has fertile land where players can plant crops or place animals.

Here’s a bit of a teaser of what the smallest land may actually look like: