The Harvest: searching for 30,000 playtesters

The Harvest: searching for 30,000 playtesters

The Harvest is a Third-Person Shooter action game. The game is made in a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style. You are competing in a team of three within the match time against up to three other teams of three.

There are currently four characters to choose from;

  • Alith, armed with dual shotguns;
  • Duke, armed with a rocket launcher
  • Kira, armed with a sub-machine gun; and
  • Sahad, armed with a sniper rifle.
Alith, the Truthsayer
Duke, the Blitzer
Kira, the Guardian
Sahad, the Hunter

Each of these characters has unique abilities that can change the tide of the game. There is a fifth character in the works called Braku. My personal favorite was Duke. A rocket launcher is way more fun than using rifles and pistols.

How to Play

To win the game, you need to collect the most essence. At the start of the game, the easiest way to harvest essence is by killing creeps on neutral bases. You can get the essence from empty neutral bases throughout the map

Being a MOBA-styled game, a huge monster also shows up mid-game near the center of the map. For The Harvest, it was a golem. Killing this golem will provide you will a lot of essences. But, it won't be easy if you try to solo him.

But the best way to harvest essence is by attacking enemy team bases. You need to steal essence from enemies while also protecting essence at your base. This is the hardest method as enemy players would spawn at their base after death.

Playtest the Game

The game is looking for 30,000 players for its early testing phase. Go check them out in their discord if you're interested!