Trouble Punk: Closed Beta Playtest

Trouble Punk: Closed Beta Playtest

Tried out Cyber Galz's Trouble Punk closed beta test today. It's sorta like a PvP Hack & Slash game downloadable from Yooldo.

The main goal is to collect the most coins randomly generated in the map while competing against 7 other players.

All players can revive once. If they die a second time, they're kicked out of the game. So chose wisely whether to fight or run.

In the beta, there's 6 characters we can choose from. CyberGalz seemed like the coolest, so I just went with her.

Other than special attacks, players can use items  picked up in the game. There are snacks, boosters and bazookas.

Best part of the game is when you have a lot of coins and can't decide whether to kill other players for more coins or run away to keep your own coins safe.

Whatever it is, just make sure to stay away from other players holding bazookas...

Check out the thread below if anyone is interested. Beta playtest is up until 23rd August 2022.