What the Kart: Alpha Wave #1

What the Kart: Alpha Wave #1

OhBabygames sent out their first alpha invite for their What The Kart game. It felt great trying out a new kart game again.

The game shows the basic controls of the game right after the launcher. This is the default control mapping recommended, but there's also a modern control scheme that we can choose. I opted for the modern controls that use RT as the acceleration button.

There were already quite a few characters that are unlocked at the start of the game. More characters can be unlocked once you play the game and collect XP. My favorite was ZachXBT's character.

I'm surprised that the devs already have its core gameplay loop set up already even at its first public alpha testing. I was expecting much fewer features that we could try out. We could already customize our karts and try different game modes such as:

  • Grand Prix
  • Time Trial
  • Quick Race
  • Bosses

What I really liked about the game was the drifting. I couldn't really put a finger on why, but it just felt really satisfying. I wanted to drift as long and far as possible!

The public alpha testing was great, but it's still a long way from a version that's good for public release. There were a few bugs and the graphics could be improved, but overall I'm really impressed with what the devs have accomplished so far. I'm excited to see how the game evolves in the future.