Nifty Island: Play2Airdrop Campaign

Nifty Island: Play2Airdrop Campaign

Nifty Island is a community-driven metaverse. Players can build their islands, invite other players, and play games together. It’s powered by web3 communities and driven by NFT-centric user-generated content.

Taco avatar visiting another player's island

The Play2Airdrop campaign began on 17th January. No end date has yet to be communicated.

After you register for the game, you’ll be presented with the Airdrop allocation dashboard

Referral Link: Sign up here

Airdrop Dashboard (Wave 2)

How to Increase Airdrop Allocation

Your airdrop allocation is determined by your Collection Tier. The Collection Tier can only be increased by acquiring points or obtaining the Legendary Palm NFT.

Collection Tier types

The Legendary Palm NFT can be obtained by:

  • buying through the secondary market,
  • completing quests (feature not yet released) ; or
  • gifted by developers through contributions to the game. This can be seen by the number of points you have. (This shows how important the points are)
Different types of Legendary Palms

Here’s how to get points in Nifty Island:

1. Collect Blooms Daily

The easiest way is to collect the in-game currency Bloom daily just by playing the game. The game allows you to collect Blooms by:

  • visiting islands to get 100 Blooms per hour; or
  • Complete different daily challenges to get different amounts of Blooms

Collecting Bloom increases your points. But spending it doesn’t decrease your airdrop points. So don’t hesitate to spend them!

In-game UI: Daily Challenges and 100 Bloom collection

2. Island visitors

Points are earned by the amount of time verified (non-bot) players visit your Island. So spend time to make a cool and unique island players want to visit!

+1 point per hour of players on your island

3. Mint Bloom Rewards

There are items on the game’s marketplace that you can get by buying using Bloom. Buying these items will grant you points for the airdrop too. Consider buying these items rather than 3rd party user-generated content!

Current active Bloom Rewards

4. Refer friends

Once you’ve signed up for the game, you will have your referral link in the dashboard. Make sure your friends use this to sign up and play!

Copy the Island Link from your dashboard

5. Grow to Earn (Wave 2)

After Wave 2 started, Active Nifty Island players can now start their Growth Gang. Players can find their Growth Codes on the airdrop page.

Share them with ANY new user to grant them airdrop eligibility or a Collector Tier boost. You earn whenever your players that sign up with your code plays

Here's my Growth Code if you need one:

  • eJtmwx
  • kXU0o5
  • lixgx5
  • PDFIjs
  • pqvVWe
  • RO5O4n

Airdrop Rewards

The P2A campaign is for the distribution of Nifty Island’s utility ERC-20 token. It's on the Ethereum Blockchain called $ISLAND.

The utility and tokenomics of $island will be released at an unspecified later date.