Beramonium Chronicles: Bearing Arms Against Bigger Bears

Beramonium Chronicles: Bearing Arms Against Bigger Bears
Beramonium Chronicles

Had a go at Beramonium Chronicles. It’s a turn-based pixel RPG browser game. In the game, players will explore the Overworld and Dungeons to defeat bosses and collect loot.

Dungeons cleared can be repeated over and over again; each time explored, harder enemies appear and better loot is promised. Perma-death feature of the game raises the stakes for players hoping to take this challenge. Death results in players losing all of their equipment.

I can't bear to lose all my equipment. Fortunately, holding Genesis collection NFTs carries the benefit of not losing the equipment upon death. All loot can be minted into NFTs and traded between players on the Auction House.

Early game footage of the Overworld

Time to bear arms!

Beramonium Chronicles just released their minigame which I had the opportunity to try. It was a simple turn-based combat minigame. Players need to defeat three (3) bosses to finish the minigame.

Gemhunters minigame title screen

The game starts with Core Team’s in-game character “NoSleep” sending us off to find the Honeylist. No questions were asked and away we go. I can bearly contain my excitement to try this game!

Nosleep telling the tale of the mysterious Honeylist

Bearing the heat

The first boss was a volcanic-themed bear named LavaBera. Rocks became its armor and Lava was his skin. He had 300 Hit Points (HP) and 10 Mana Points (MP). I’m guessing this is the weakest boss among all that we need to bear arms against.

LavaBera the volcanic bear

We had control of three (3) characters; Lumis, Orian, and Rhogar. I was expecting names using bear puns. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Unbearlievable! A missed opportunity I would say.

Lumis, Orian and Rhogar

Each character has three (3) different abilities and an ultimate ability. Each ability cost different amounts of MP. physical attacks cost only 1 MP while abilities like healing or poison cost either 2 or 3 MP per use. Ultimate abilities cost 30 MP. For the minigame, 30 MP was the full MP of our characters. This means that players will need to collect the max MP amount to use the ultimate ability.

Our characters restore 2 MP per start of the turn. This forces players to strategize on what abilities they use each turn. Either use 1 MP ability to collect up to 30 MP or use 2 or 3 MP abilities each turn to whittle down the boss’s HP little by little. The first boss was easy enough to defeat. Didn’t need to depend on the ultimate ability. Bearly broke a sweat defeating the first boss!

Frenzy ability uses 3 Mana Points

The right to bear arms

The second boss was a bear with guns as hands called Gunslinger. I can’t tell whether he’s holding guns or those are actually his hands. He had 320 HP and 10 MP. Not a lot more than the first boss.

Are those hands holding guns or gun hands?

It was then I noticed that each character had a honeycomb in their inventory. They were our secret weapon. My bears consuming that honeycomb gave them a boost in their mana to a full 30 MP. I was able to use my ultimate abilities straightaway.

The Honeycomb

But the problem was that Each bear had only one honeycomb. It was a limited use and each ultimate ability deals only 100-200 damage. I knew then I needed to save some for the next boss. I took the risk of only using one honeycomb for this boss. It was a close call, but I managed to win.

Unbearable name

The third boss was a pyromaniac bear called Beraman69. He had a whopping 600 HP and 100 MP. I still don’t know why he had a “69” in his name. I hope these bears don't have any weird kinky background story to them.

Beraman69 the pyromaniac

It was a good decision to keep my honeycombs. I used them straightaway for this boss. Unfortunately, It only whittles down to 400HP from 600 HP. He still had more than half of his HP left. This boss is un-bear-ably tough!

Rhogar's ultimate attack

It was the third boss, I already had experience defeating a few. I knew exactly what I needed to do; I need a cheese strategy.

I used Rhogar and Orion to keep attacking the boss. 1 MP attacks only. I needed to save my MP for another ultimate.

I didn't use Lumis to attack at all. I just spammed the healing ability. Each time the boss attacked any of the bears, Lumis would heal that bear in the next turn.

Lumis healing the bear companions

Each turn the bears took damage and each time they recovered some of that HP. Our HP was still whittling down; but slowly. The boss’ HP was going down much faster.

In the end, the boss had his HP reduced to zero before we did. It was our victory!

Nosleep congratulating the winner

The loot

Once all three bosses are defeated, we are presented with the victory screen. We can use the code provided to obtain the Honeylist. It’s a whitelist for an upcoming mint (date yet to be confirmed).

The codes are provided in batches, you’ll need to head to Beramonium Chronicle’s Discord to know when the limited codes are available.

Victory screen

Final thoughts

This minigame was a good introduction to the characters and combat of the game. Having a few cutscenes before each battle was a good idea. A new game IP will always need to expand on its lore to get players more attached to the characters being played.

If the game can get make its procedurally generated dungeon fun to explore and the game’s story interesting, do expect a good dungeon crawler game in the future from Beramonium Chronicles.