Champions Ascension 1vs1 Overhaul

Champions Ascension 1vs1 Overhaul

Champions Ascension has risen to prominence. It has a diverse array of characters, captivating storylines, and thrilling multiplayer experience. There’s no denying that the game deserves 2023’s Web3 Fighting Game of the Year Award.

Gam3 Awards: Best Fighting Game

The current version of Champions Ascension provides all Champions with different Part traits. Each gives different special attacks. Different special attacks colliding with each other chaotically create randomness in games. The Champion with the best parts may not be the best at all. The skill gap can be narrowed to encourage more players to play the game. Free-for-All (FFA), 3v3, Old Sally is extremely enjoyable because of this.

Yet, this is not the case for 1vs1 PvP mode. The fun in 1vs1 fighting games lies in their skill-based matches; the raw adrenaline rush of outmaneuvering a single opponent. There are no external factors affecting your gameplay. There is little to no randomness in games. It all comes down to skill.

When every special attack is measured and its deadliness known, the best special attacks will always win against the inferior ones. The game becomes Pay2Win.

Champion #1961 with 5 Purity Parts and 1 Divine Part

Feature Overview

To tackle this problem, Champions Ascension should remove Parts traits from 1vs1 PvP mode.

Each Champion would have specific special attacks that cannot be changed. By removing parts from the equation, Champions can now be more easily buffed or nerfed when needed. There is no more single Champion with the best traits out there that’s the best among the rest.

Grunt Champion selection in story mode. Champions are provided with designated part traits that are the same for all players.

This would also mean developers would need to keep track of different changes to each Champion. Multiplayer modes still would use the traits of their NFTs.


There are a few reasons why this game mode should be implemented:

#1 eSports Focus

Fixing specific parts for each Champion in the game removes the existence of a single Champion that has the best special attacks. When Pay2Win is removed from the 1v1 PvP game, only then the eSports scene can thrive.

Each Champion can be sized up and analyzed in their matchups against other Champions. This helps players to learn in detail the moves of their characters, frame data, and specific counters to their opponent’s moves based on specific Champions. Indirectly, this helps content creators streamline their guides for specific characters.

The 1vs1 PvP mode will become more like traditional fighting games (i.e. Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat). It will definitely attract the fighting game player base if this change is implemented. Twitch viewership fighting game leaderboard statistics

#2 1vs1 PvP-specific changes

The focus of a separate 1vs1 PvP mode allows us to change features of the game to suit 1vs1 PvP games.

An example would be to change the UIUX character info so that it doesn’t block the player’s view during the 1vs1 PvP game.

Design mockup showing health bar UI at the top of the screen

Addressing Problems Created

Although making a major change comes with benefits, it also creates new problems that need to be addressed.

#1 Monetization

The problem that arises from separating 1vs1 from the rest of the game mode is the dilution of benefits obtained from buying a Champion. A Champion with the best Part traits is treated equally to the same Champion with lesser Part traits.

To tackle this problem for 1vs1 mode, each Champion is unlocked through the sale of that specific Champion. All other traits are ignored. Thus creating a demand for players to collect Champions of each family trait to be used in 1v1 mode.

Players will be incentivized to buy the floor NFT to collect all 12 Champion Families to be used in 1vs1 PvP mode. This would be akin to each character being treated as a separate DLC in traditional fighting games. Characters cannot be used even in training mode if they are not bought. There will be a free rotation of characters for Free-to-Play mode.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Free Edition character selection screen showing the rest of the locked characters that needs to be bought

#2 Separate player base

The bigger problem that people might think of is that separating 1vs1 PvP modes from the rest will separate the player base. Players don’t have time to learn and relearn all the modes so that they can play.

Here’s my prediction on this. These modes cater to different audiences. You are attracting a separate new player based on the game. Street Fighter 6 has similar game modes to what Champions Ascension has. The 1vs1 PvP mode (that it’s famous for), Story mode, and Custom Avatar modes (in the battle hub). For my profile, you can see that I only spend time on Ranked matches and Practice (1vs1 PvP mode)!

I have a gut feeling fighting game audiences have yet to see Champions Ascension as a fighting game in its current state.

Street Fighter 6 Fighter Profile

The Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament

If 1vs1 PvP is revamped, a lot of Fighting Game players may decide to join the game. We are in the golden age of fighting games. Many sequels and new titles are being released in the next few years. However, Tekken is the only 3d fighting game available. Perhaps it’s time for Champions Ascension to join the fray.

EVO 2023 Lineup

Who knows, one day Champions Ascension may even be listed as a game in EVO Championship Series in the future.