Imagining Artificial Intelligence’s impact on Web3 Gaming

Imagining Artificial Intelligence’s impact on Web3 Gaming
Project Raid

I entered a contest to share my ideas of how I’d “Imagine AIs impact on web3 gaming”. It was fun thinking about how we can propel web3 gaming innovations forward using AI. I'm happy to share my writing won first place in the contest!

Here’s the write-up that won first place:

Project Raid

Breakthroughs have been seen in web3 gaming and artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. The fusion of these two elements can lead to the emergence of futuristic gaming designs. I have imagined a game that features these elements.

Let’s give this game a codename for now, “Project Raid”. Project Raid is a groundbreaking dungeon raid game. It revolutionizes traditional gameplay by merging AI, base-building strategy, and player creativity.

(Game screenshots are for illustration purposes only)


At its core, Project Raid offers a novel approach to dungeon raiding. Players do not directly control the characters that navigate through the terrains. Instead, players are tasked with training the AI of their characters to handle traps and obstacles.

The goal is to invade opponents' bases and plunder the hidden treasures within. A distinctive feature lies in the players' ability to instruct AI behavior. It adds layers of depth and strategic thinking.

Dungeons 3 base building

Themes and Customization

Players encounter a diversity of dungeons and bases. Each base is customizable to reflect unique themes. This customization adds a creative dimension. It allows players to design their bases according to their preferences.

The theme-driven approach enhances player engagement. They will craft bases tailored to their strategic intentions and aesthetic preferences.

Point of View and Graphics

Project Raid will have a top-down perspective giving players a bird's-eye view of the bases. During raids, the camera can:

  • shift to focus on characters traversing the map, or
  • move freely for audiences to spectate and guess how the characters deal with the following traps and obstacles.

The graphics use simple yet effective 2D sprites that provide visual clarity. It also facilitates an easier understanding of character hitboxes and hurt boxes.

Don't Starve's view of the map

Challenge and Decision-Making

The core challenge for raiders lies in honing their characters' AI before embarking on raids. The meticulous training of AI ensures successful navigation through intricate mazes and traps.

On the opposing end, base builders plan to safeguard treasures. They need to strategically position building units. Players' decisions directly impact the outcome of raids.

Skill, Strategy, and Uncertainty

Project Raid demands players' expertise in training AI for successful invasions. A balanced amalgamation of skill and tactics propels players toward victory.

Uncertainty factors can potentially emerge. Raiders encounter dynamically evolving AI defenses taught by the base builders. This contributes to the game's replayability and unpredictability.

Marketplace Dynamics

The trading system introduced in Project Raid bears semblance to Trading Card Games (TCGs) in the web3 space;

  • Like trading cards, building units can be exchanged within an open market.
  • Game Developers can release more building units in the future. This can be seasonal expansions as the game continues to be developed after release.

This dynamic not only enriches gameplay but also adds an economic layer. Players will strategize their investments and acquisitions.

God's Unchained marketplace for the trading cards

Interactive Context

A remarkable facet of Project Raid is the blend of interactivity and spectatorship. Players place characters in designated areas, entrusting AI to execute their strategies. As the game unfolds, the raids offer exciting moments that showcase the fruits of players' training efforts.

The emotional gratification derived from witnessing AI executing strategies is a key highlight of the game.

The future of Project Raid

Project Raid stands as a testament to gaming innovation. It merges AI-driven gameplay, strategic depth, and creative customization. The game shifts the focus from direct control to training AI. The game pioneers a new approach to dungeon raiding.

It may not be easy to create a game like this, but perhaps someone out there is willing to try.