Sandbox Alpha Season 3: Alpha Lobby

Sandbox Alpha Season 3: Alpha Lobby

The Sandbox Game Alpha Season 3 just started on 25th August. Had a chance to try out the first land called Alpha Lobby. The land logo had a big "START HERE" and was placed at the center of the map.

The first thing we were greeted once we got there was a Bored Ape. The first quest was a simple one, check out all of The Sandbox Game’s Bored Ape Yacht Club collections in their gallery.

After that, we went exploring the land. There were plungers placed all around the Alpha Lobby. This quest was motivation to help us get a layout of the land first. We explored every nook and cranny of the place. It did help us out when we needed to find things in the later quests.

Steve Aoki was there on his DJ mixer. He wanted us to talk to Snoop Dog. What started as a fetch quest, later became us turning into their own “Yes” man. The quest was for us to agree that Steve’s stuff was the best when we talked to him. When we talked to Snoop, we had to agree that Snoop was the best instead.

World of Women wanted us to help on their color code quest. We have to find color blocks with numbers hidden around the land. One of the blocks had a number already. There were four blocks that we needed to find. I had only found three. So I resorted to brute force my way to solve what the last block’s number was.

Michonne from the Walking Dead series was at the Alpha Lobby. She needed help with computer stuff to stop the Walkers. Of course, she just stand guard while we were the ones that has to climb to find the computers. The first computer was in an abandoned building that we had to enter through the roof. We had to climb a tower to get to the second computer.

Sueco the child needed our help backstage. Who keeps their backstage locked though? We had to climb our way up to reach there.

MetaPride gave us a simple quest. She only had prepared a trivia of questions related to MetaPride.

Sassete from the Smurfs needed our help to find Papa Smurf. Didn’t know Papa Smurf could breathe underwater. When we found him there, it looked as if he’s been there for a while already.

Chef 3.0 from Voxodeus mentioned something about an artifact. We had to ask around. The artifact was something called Voxocube. It might be something we will be looking for in their land in the future.

Once we were done helping most of the people in the Alpha lobby, Deadmau5 wanted our help. Three people were missing. It was Millipede from Atari, Mr. Quiz from You’re a Big Boy Now, and Otto from Deadmau5.

Our last quest for the day was from Best Friend Bear of the Care Bears. He wanted us to look at the Points of Interest in Alpha Lobby. We checked out the Care Bears, Ledger, Nine Chenm Avenged Sevenfold, and Pororo areas.

Here's my YouTube video if you would like to see all the quests played in the Alpha Lobby: