Stella Fantasy: a Character Collectible NFT Action RPG

Stella Fantasy: a Character Collectible NFT Action RPG

Had a chance to play Stella Fantasy during its alpha test in October.

A quick look at the game you can see that it has similarities to Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, I have yet to play those games, so I can’t make a direct comparison between them.


Even a few minutes into the gaming I can already say the game is a lot of fun. The character animations are extremely polished.

Animated cutscenes early in the game

The game starts with an “Isekai” trope storyline. If you are not familiar with this, it’s kind of like the “hero is transported to another world to go on a mission to save the world” kind of plot. The hero would have some overpowered ability that makes them unparalleled to other people from the new world.

Resurrection in another world

Players could choose whether they want a male or female character in the game. As expected the guy looks like a generic Isekai main character.

Choose your character

Most of the storyline is shown via dialog format like most JRPGs. It’s quite nice seeing that most movements are animated. Though the voices didn’t sync with the mouth of the characters. This was most probably because a lot of more manhours may be needed for that.

Animated movements during dialog

We could try out the “Main Story” game mode for the alpha test. Three other modes were not yet available before full release:

  • Team Tag Battle
  • Arena
  • Unique Abyss
Four types of game modes will be available upon release

The game’s central location is the town where players can explore the area and interact with NPCs. Once players are ready to try the game modes, they enter the portal at the end of the village.

The 3rd-person view of combat is great. Different characters had different ways of playing. They have different abilities and different ranges of attacks. We’re introduced to three characters straightaway:

  • Lapis, who focuses on support
  • Linette, who focuses on offense
  • Ruby, who focuses on defense
Lapis wields a staff to create offensive and defensive magic
Linette wields a gun for long-range battles
Ruby wields a sword for close-ranged battles

What are the NFTs?

The way NFTs are integrated into this game seems like collectibles. Based on the whitepaper, it seems that there will be four types of NFTs.

#1 Characters

The characters seem to be the foundation assets tied to Stella Fantasy's core gameplay. It seems that characters are the only NFTs that are already available in the marketplace. 14 characters can be seen already available to be purchased.

Characters on sale via Marketplace
14 different characters are available within the game

#2 Equipment

Equipment in Stella Fantasy is NFTs, existing in forms of traditional fantasy-like appearances for ease of use. Each piece of equipment would have its attribute which helps the players in the game. The equipment is not yet available to be purchased.

6 types of equipment are expected

#3 Rune

There were no specific details given about Runes yet. Only the details about Runes are scheduled for an update in Q4 2023.

#4 Land

Land NFTs were specified in the whitepaper. But, no details were given. I would assume it would be like other NFT games to jump on the Land sale hype. Each player would have their land to develop and attract other players.

Final Thoughts

Again, I would emphasize that the game is fun!

Never would I imagine I would like playing JRPGs. What was in the alpha was mere teasers. I see myself playing the full game once it comes out.

Here's my update after the full game was released!