Stella Fantasy: The First Web3 JRPG

Stella Fantasy: The First Web3 JRPG

Stella Fantasy is a free-to-play anime-style character collectible action RPG. The game has been in closed playtest sessions for some time (refer to my previous post during the alpha testing phase).

The game has now officially launched on 13th April 2023. Here are a few things you need to know about the game:

First Look

There are three types of roles for characters in Stella Fantasy. The three main characters in the story mode represent each role.

  • Lapis has the support role,
  • Linette has the offense role, and
  • Ruby has the defense role.
Healing ability by Lapis
Long-range attack by Linette
Short-range attack by Ruby

Players can unlock other characters by:

  • buying them in the Stella Shop,
  • recruiting via Bulletin Board, or
  • buying them in the secondary marketplace.
Stella Shop is accessible via the main website
Characters can be recruited at the Bulletin Board within the game
Characters can be bought on the secondary market in the game's website

There are a total of five game modes in Stella Fantasy that players can enjoy. Some of these game modes are unlocked later on in the game. These modes are:

  • Main story
  • Unique Abyss
  • Mirage Garden
  • Abyss Invader
  • Arena
Five game modes available at launch

I’ve noticed that progressing through the later levels in the Main Story and other game modes can be hard when you only have three characters. Our party in the game can consist of a maximum of four characters. I’ve noticed that grinding for your first new character takes quite some time. Buying the fourth character as soon as possible might be a good idea if you enjoy the game.

Four is the maximum available slot for a party

Building Frontier Town

You will be managing the town in the game called Frontier Town. You’ll be unlocking characters and infrastructure in the game as you progress through the Main Story.

Map of frontier town

We can gather materials and resources from the town’s infrastructure. We’ll need to assign a character to an infrastructure to begin its production. The number of assigned characters, their stats, and their passive skills affect the total production rate. The productivity of the infrastructure can be further increased by upgrading the town.

The Manaring Manufactory infrastructure

There are also dolls that you can get in the game by using Lucky Tickets. These dolls help to increase the stats of your characters in the game. Once you have Lucky Tickets, just head to the NPC selling these dolls to use your tickets.

Dolls can be bought at the Box shop

Final Thoughts

Stella Fantasy is an exciting new free-to-play anime-style action RPG that players can enjoy. The game is now one of the only web3 games out there that are fully released instead of still being in the Alpha or Beta testing phase.

Players can download and play it for free from the official website.