Unioverse: Proving Grounds

Unioverse: Proving Grounds

Unioverse had released the alpha build of their new game, Proving Ground. It’s a game that focuses on fast-paced combat, movement mechanics, and challenging level designs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the aspects of the game.

The first custom map is made for Reyu collectible holders to compete against each other. The fastest Reyu's to complete the map earn the best scores on the leaderboards.

Reyu Genesis and Reyu Clones are characters that players can purchase on Opensea. These characters have been compared to Warframe. Different Reyu rarities have different designs.

One area where Proving Grounds could improve is in the variety of combat attacks. Currently, there are only two basic attacks - sword slashes for melee and laser guns for ranged combat. I’m hoping for more variations in melee attacks, such as jumping slashes or charged strikes.

The movement mechanics in Proving Grounds is great! Wall runs and wall climb mechanics add an extra level of excitement and make the game more immersive for players.

The tutorials are decent. It’ll help you get used to the controls quickly. I do hope they upgrade the visuals though. Plain white text just isn't cutting it for a game with a futuristic theme!

One of the highlights of the game has been the boss battles. In the alpha build, players faced off against a robot that had unprotected parts that needed to be targeted in order to destroy it. This added an extra layer of strategy and made the boss battle more challenging.

Like any new game, Proving Grounds has room for improvement. Some players have reported bugs related to doors and walls in the game. However, the development team is already working on fixing these issues.

Proving Grounds has received positive feedback from players during its first week of release. It has fast-paced combat, challenging level designs, and a competitive leaderboard system. There is still room for improvement in certain areas such as combat and level design. But, the development team has shown they listen to player feedback and make necessary improvements.

As a new IP, Proving Grounds has the potential to become a major player in the gaming industry. Its futuristic theme and exciting gameplay mechanics make it stand out from other games in its genre. With the continued support of its development team and a dedicated player base, Proving Grounds could be the next big thing in gaming.