Best Tools for Web3 Content Creators in 2023

Best Tools for Web3 Content Creators in 2023
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Over the past year, I've been trying out different tools to streamline my content creation process and make my work more efficient. I've found a few that have helped me produce high-quality content, and I wanted to share my top picks with you all for 2023. These tools (mostly free) have made a difference for me, and I hope they will for you too.

Best content creation tools across different categories

#1 Notion

Used for:

Notion has a PC/iOS app. I use it in my workflow for:

  • organizing my ideas on the go,
  • structuring articles and tweets, and
  • editing content before finalization.
My Notion workspace

Notion has been a great help in keeping me organized and on track with my work. I've even begun using it for AI writing help. Although I haven't found ChatGPT to be particularly useful in my workflow yet, I have found that Notion's AI help can be beneficial when starting writing projects.


Notion has four different price plans. For a one-man business, the free plan is enough. I would only suggest going for higher pricing plans as you have begun expanding the size of the staff in your business.

Notion Pricing Plan

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#2 Pocket Universe

Used for:

Pocket Universe has been my go-to tool for verifying smart contracts and making sure they're legitimate. This has been an invaluable safeguard for me. It allows me to continue making transactions with smart contracts without fear of being scammed. It's been a reliable solution that I can count on to protect me and my assets. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a secure way to verify smart contracts.

Pocket Universe extension on the Chrome store


Pocket Universe has a free plan and paid plan pricing at $4.99/month. The paid plan comes with additional feature of Hyperdrive mode & Private Discord Access. The Hyperdrive mode is only for people that want to perform transactions quickly. It skips pop-ups for gas transactions on purchases and accepting offers.

Pocket Universe pricing plan

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#3 Grammarly

Used for:

Grammarly is an incredibly useful tool for quickly checking spelling and grammar. It's especially beneficial when I'm crafting tweets or editing articles. It's saved me from countless embarrassing mistakes and typos, providing me with an invaluable level of peace of mind. Thanks to Grammarly, I can rest assured that my written work is accurate and error-free and that I'm putting my best foot forward in any situation. It's a great way to make sure that my writing is up to the highest standards.

Grammarly homepage


Grammarly has three pricing plan options. I find that the free plan is enough for , my day-to-day writing activities.

Grammarly pricing plan

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#4 Hemingway Editor

Used for:

Since my gaming content is designed to be easy to comprehend for all ages, it's essential that I can adjust my language to make it simpler. The Hemingway Editor has been incredibly useful in this regard. It assists me in pinpointing phrases that could potentially be difficult to comprehend or confusing. It then provides me with various other options that can be used instead.

Hemingway App website


Hemingway Editor is free to be used in the browser. however, there is a one-time payment option at $19.99 for those that want a local Windows or Mac app instead.

Hemingway Editor 3 store page

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#5 Google apps

Used for:

I'm already a massive fan of the services and apps that Google provides and it's no surprise that they've made it to my list of content creation tools.

  • I have had a domain registered with Google Domains. The process of registering a domain was quite simple, with a wide variety of options to choose from. The cost of registering a domain was also very reasonable, it was around US$10. I am pleased to say that I have had a good experience overall with Google Domains. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to register a domain name.
  • I can also manage both my personal and business emails with the convenience of Gmail. The tags make it easy to keep everything sorted and organized, which is a huge help.
  • I use Google Analytics to keep track of my website’s statistics, so I know what's working and what needs improvement. This level of insight has been invaluable for making sure my content is seen by the right people.
Google Workspace apps


Most of the Google apps are free with things like Google Domain having separate subscription plans for each domain purchased.

There is a Google Workspace paid pricing plan for enterprises instead. However, I would not suggest subscribing to it yet for one-man businesses.

Google Workspace pricing plan

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#6 Ghost.Org

Used for:

Ghost allows me to focus on writing articles without having to worry about the complicated aspects of website construction. It provides a wide range of features and customization options that allows me to create a website from scratch. This makes it ideal for anyone wanting to create a website for their blog or business without having to worry about technical details. The platform is regularly updated with new features. It ensures that users always have access to the latest tools and capabilities available. homepage


Ghost has a self-hosted option for those with technical knowledge of site hosting. The self-hosted option is free as we are not relying on Ghost for hosting purposes.

For hosting using Ghost, they have pricing plans as per below:

Ghost pricing plan

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#7 Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Used for:

OBS is an open-source software that is easy to install and configure. Once you have set it up with all your desired settings, you don't need to do anything additional - everything is already ready to go and you can start recording! This has been a huge time saver and stress reducer for me, and I'm sure it could be the same for you. OBS provides a great solution to all your screen recording needs and can help you capture all the important moments you need.

OBS homepage


it's free and open source, so you don't have to worry about spending a single penny!

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#8 Davinci Resolve

Used for:

Davinci Resolve is a great video editor alternative to Adobe Premiere. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, making it a great choice for novice video editors. It also has a wide range of features, such as support for multiple video and audio formats, multi-cam editing, and color grading tools. The ability to export your project in multiple resolutions and formats makes Davinci Resolve a great choice for creating high-quality videos for different platforms.

What's new in Davinci Resolve 18


I am very satisfied with the free version of Davinci Resolve, and I haven't found any reason to upgrade to the premium version yet. The premium comes at $295.

Davinci Resolve 18 pricing plan

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