Deadrop Snapshot V: The Cold Sector

Deadrop Snapshot V: The Cold Sector

Snapshot V was a long-awaited reveal for Deadrop fans. Dr. Disrespect treated it as a big milestone in the game’s progress. He even organized a Deadrop Showdown event at Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas on the day of the release.

Snapshot V revealed on 17 March 2023
Deadrop Showdown teaser

Snapshot V was an update that showed the game’s core gameplay loop. After just trying a few games, I can confidently say it did not disappoint. Let’s see what’s new in the latest snapshot.

Dropping into Cold Storage

Snapshot V starts in Sector 3 called Cold Storage. As the namesake of this sector, the theme is that there is a rising freeze that will take over the map one floor at a time. You have no choice but to make your way up the map to survive. I really like this game design. The dev team is doing something like battle royale’s shrinking safe zone but feels different altogether.

The freeze starting to rise
Players taking damage from the freezing floor

Our goal is to extract from the sector. The twist is that there isn’t one extraction point, but various points throughout the sector! Sneak onto an extraction chopper, find the hidden Maglock door, fight your way to a giant zipline, or stay till the end to use the Superlift. Some of the extraction points can be only used by one person, but others can be used by many people.

Helicopter extraction point

A cool feature they put in the game is proximity chat. Everyone starts to play as a one-man team. But since we have a proximity chat feature, we can make allies during the match itself. Remember, there are extraction points that allow many people to use them. It would be in our best interest to team up and extract together. But, do be careful as some people will stab you in the back just for fun.

Surprise attack!

To survive in the game, you need the best loot you can get. We can get them from the cases randomly spread out throughout the sector. players killed also drop all their items. Players will want to carry as much loot as possible when extracting. We can store any items brought back to our hideout. These items then can be carried in our bag for the next match.

Backpack with items carried out from previous extraction

Snapshot V showed one of the earliest skins in the game called Deep Freeze. As all items can be dropped in the game, try not to bring those limited edition skins into the game when you’re just starting.

PLayer equipping the Deep Freaze weapon skin

I’ve been playing for a while and all the time I’ve always tried to extract out using any of the options available. The longer you stay on the map and the more you put weapons in your bag, the bigger the loss if you die at any unexpected time. But for those that persevere and survive until the last man stands, they get the “The Deadrop” award. It is the mega loot bag awarded to the last combatant in the tower. This is the hardest way of winning the game. Getting a single “Deadrop” is an achievement in itself.