Earth From Another Sun: A Space Exploration Game

Earth From Another Sun: A Space Exploration Game

I had the chance to try out Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) on its 91st playtest build. I'm amazed by the possibilities it offers. EFAS is a first-person shooter type of space exploration game. There are currently two versions of the game;

  • a blockchain-based version using Solana chain; and
  • a non-blockchain version currently on Steam.
Earth From Another Sun on Steam

It’s still in its playtesting phase, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of activities that you can do already. You can visit different planets, discover unknown creatures and take part in thrilling battles.

With each playtest build, more features are added. The game keeps getting better and better. It’s a must-play game for everyone who loves space adventure games.

Exploring the Galaxies

Beginning your journey on your ship, you are presented with a seemingly endless expanse of possibilities. With the freedom to explore the galaxy, you can embark on several different adventures. At the outset, you can already begin to harvest minerals and junk from nearby shipwrecks or stone dust belts. Engaging in these activities will help to level up your characters, granting them access to new abilities, items, and upgrades.

Space exploration

The higher the level of your character, the more types of items become available to you. As you progress and unlock these items, you are free to upgrade or synthesize them with the right materials. With all these options available, it felt rewarding to upgrade and synthesize these items!

Levelling up your character
Upgrade Station showing acquired and purchasable upgrades
Synthesis List for items available to be synthesized

If you were to journey to distant excavation sites such as mineral comets, you are given a quest of safeguarding the site from hostile invaders. You would need to form a line of defense, holding the enemies back from advancing until the leader of the invading forces is vanquished. To do this, you would have to make sure that your team can protect themselves, while also fending the enemies in battle.

Excavation sire for players to defend
Shooting enemies

Exploring Hatcheries is a great way for players to get their hands on monster eggs and meat. These are valuable crafting materials that can be used to create powerful new items. It won't be easy. These places are often full of monsters that need to be dealt with before the players can get their loot. And of course, no Hatchery is complete without a challenging boss at the end of the map, waiting to test the player’s mettle.

Clearing the hatchery of the monsters inhabiting it
Arbitrary Corcetus, the guardian of the Hatchery
Loot drops from clearing the Hatchery

Players can also invade or get invaded by pirate fleets. Players would be transported to a land map for battle against these pirates if an attack occurred. It would be an amazing experience to see fights take place on the ships instead! Imagine the thrill of a gunfight in tight spaces within the ships. It would give the game a heightened sense of immersion and excitement, especially within the theme of the game.

Engaging with a Small Pirate Fleet
Player fending of the enemy pirates

With all that loot and items collected from all over the galaxies, it is important to find a place to sell them. Players can visit planets and space stations that have merchants present, to make a profit from the items they have acquired. These places are not just used to buy and sell items. They also provide a much-needed break from the rigors of space exploration. Players can find new quests and activities to do here, as well as buy items needed for their journey’s continuation. These planets and space stations provide a haven for players to rest and recuperate at the resting stations too.

Player heading into the base on Planet Terra
Buying items from the Store
NPCs providing quests

Our hero isn't the typical Master Chief we're used to seeing - running around galaxies with a single goal to complete his mission. He's more like Star-Lord, taking his time to explore the galaxies and make the most of his journey, having fun along the way. What's more, this "fun" leads to some nice bonuses like increased damage output, allowing him to take down his enemies more efficiently.

Enjoying "company" costs 500 SFC
The "company"??

Final Thoughts

The journey of exploring the galaxies and upgrading our ship and arsenal is a great experience! EFAS is going to be an incredible game once it's released to the public, but I would not suggest that most people try it out just yet.

Though the game is still in development, it needs more optimization, especially in the tutorial phase before it can be released. There are plenty of exciting new features and improvements being implemented and added every day. I'm sure it won't be long before EFAS is ready and available to the public!