FOAD: an Explosive Party Game

FOAD: an Explosive Party Game

FOAD is a new competitive multiplayer game that challenges players to collect the most cash. The highest score from collecting cash gets bragging rights on the leaderboards. Each run is full of explosive action!

FOAD follows a Battle Royale formula. We compete against friends to wreak as much havoc as possible through various PVP mini-games. The mini-game goals range from targeting a specific character to the destruction of the entire map.

Getting to Know FOAD

There are various characters called FOAD for you to choose from, each with unique stats and attributes. Each FOAD has a detonating device such as grenades, smoke bombs, Molotov, or EMPS that defines its style.

Different types of FOAD

The digital collectibles expected to be released will have about 10+ randomly generated properties. Each property will have a different rarity and stats.

Different properties of FOAD

The game sets up a tutorial stage to help newcomers learn about the game mechanics. You'll learn how to jump, what to collect, get to know the traps, learn the controls to control your explosions, and more to get a feel for the game.

Magma Trials

The Magma Trials is the first public pre-alpha to test the current game mechanics. It’s open for public testing from March to April 2023. For the Magma Trials, each player is tasked with exploring perilous, lava-filled caverns to collect as much cash as possible in two minutes.

Magma Trial instructions

You can collect cash by blowing up items on the map with your FOAD’s explosive tendencies. There are various ways to collect cash.  These are such as destroying shrines, locating and destroying hidden safes, and collecting gems scattered on the map.

Destroying a hidden safe
FOAD collecting gems and gold bars

After two minutes, the game ends, and a leaderboard shows your score against the top scores of players who tried the game.

The run score shown at the end of each run

Interested in Trying the Game?

After playing the game for a while, it feels like a party game competitor against Blankos Block Party. It makes you wonder what would happen if more players were put on a single map. How much chaos would that bring?

If you're interested in trying the game, head over to the Steam link below: